You need help raising an ACT score.

You might need a higher score to get in to a specific college or to increase scholarships. Either way, I feel your pain (I wish I had this type of help in high school).

One-day ACT Crash Courses

I teach one-day ACT Crash Courses that raise ACT scores. For more than 25 years, I have helped thousands of students get in to colleges and increase scholarships. My ACT Crash Courses are usually administered online or in (or near) Chattanooga, Tennessee. The non-refundable fee is $199 and is due when you register and buy a ticket.

Students leave encouraged, excited, and confident they can achieve a higher score. I specialize in showing students how to get an extra two to three points in a fun, fast-paced environment. I help with proven strategies for all five sections of the ACT (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing).

I emphasize strategies like process of elimination, pacing, and patterns—areas that are easily coachable and areas resulting in positive results.

In-person ACT Crash Courses at schools

I’m happy to come to your location to teach an in-person ACT Crash Course to your group.

If you’ll send me an email with a proposed date and make sure you can take care of the items on the list below, we’ll go from there.

In general, I need all the following one month in advance of an ACT Crash Course:

  • Written permission from the site administrator to me allowing me to teach the ACT Crash Course
  • A minimum of 20 new (read: paying) students (the rate will be based on the distance I travel—Hong Kong will be more than Knoxville)—but returning students are always welcome to attend for free as well
  • A distraction-free room with tables comfortably and quietly seating 1.5 times the number of students plus myself (there’s a lot of materials involved in this ACT Crash Course and everyone needs plenty of space)
  • A screen to project on to
  • A single point of contact to communicate with (note: this point of contact coordinates with the site administration, staff, parents, students, and anyone else that needs to know)

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